A Brief History

February 2009

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The story of Morphy Richards, from its inception in 1936 to the present day, proves that, despite the pressures of industry growth and competition, a firm ethos from the beginning is what makes a company a family choice, a household name.

On 8th July 1936 when Donal Morphy and Charles Richards formed their enterprise they cemented an ideology that would be the imprint of their name upon the market – like the words in a stick of rock candy, if you will – to provide affordable, innovative modern appliances to the mass market.

Through the post-war years and having survived the loss of its two founders, Morphy Richards continued to flourish, continuing to undercut the leading competitor whilst expanding production. By the 1960s a highly sought-after aesthetic had also become synonymous with the company’s products. Even over the next twenty years after merging and later passing on to CFI, the Morphy Richards philosophy was still as strong as it was on that day in 1936.

And today the same philosophy runs on, having survived by the straightforwardness of its promise and its goals. To see the current evolution of the Morphy Richards ethos, check out this website